Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


We envision a Winter Haven in which all people experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ's heart for the city. 


Our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches to create a connected Winter Haven working together to renew people and places, one life-transforming deed at a time. 

Our Work:

Mobilize for Service
  • We gather disparate groups to address social causes in dignity enhancing ways
  • Hope is the seed of change for life and city transformation. Praying for each other and our city tills the ground for future flourishing.
Connect for Impact
  • Link organizations in a collaborative model to eliminate waste and redundancy, and increase collective impact.
  • Connect all sectors of our city to form a network of care through which neighborhoods and neighbors succeed and grow.
Engage for Community Development
  • Joint service and initiatives, sacrificial serving one another and our city to promote the general welfare of all.
  • We act as the backbone organization to responsively “fill the gaps” and breaches in our community, until others hear that call and our community grows.
Equip for Growth
  • We provide capacity building training in methods and means by which server and served grow.
  • Sustainable change models emphasize “life on life” approaches that move beyond transaction, into transformation.