Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


We envision a Winter Haven in which all people experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ's heart for the city. 


Heart for Winter Haven is a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) that exists to build community between all sectors of our city (churches, businesses, non-profits and city leadership) to alleviate poverty, in all its forms.

Our Work:

Mobilize for Service
  • We gather disparate groups to address social causes in dignity enhancing ways
  • Hope is the seed of change for life and city transformation. Praying for each other and our city tills the ground for future flourishing.
Connect for Impact
  • Link organizations in a collaborative model to eliminate waste and redundancy, and increase collective impact.
  • Connect all sectors of our city to form a network of care through which neighborhoods and neighbors succeed and grow.
Engage for Community Development
  • Joint service and initiatives, sacrificial serving one another and our city to promote the general welfare of all.
  • We act as the backbone organization to responsively “fill the gaps” and breaches in our community, until others hear that call and our community grows.
Equip for Growth
  • We provide capacity building training in methods and means by which server and served grow.
  • Sustainable change models emphasize “life on life” approaches that move beyond transaction, into transformation.