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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a scourge affecting nearly every community. The effects of substance use disorders are felt in every neighborhood, reaching across economic, ethnic, and aging divides. Both prevention and recovery services are vital to intervening effectively with this social problem, and there is sufficient evidence to support their efficacy as a societal good. The fallout from these problems goes well beyond the individual; whole families are wrecked by substance abuse, so what is a reasoned response to this epidemic?

In a flourishing city, we expect efforts to be highlighted by “restoration” of what was lost and broken. We must replace drugs and alcohol with the fruit of healthy living and healthy relationships so that families were ravaged by the war caused by substance abuse can begin to thrive and to support one another. Sometimes, generations of people have been impacted by this disease, and there are no traditions, structure or culture to support lives free of substance abuse. In these cases, people of faith are needed to simply model how life works (free from addiction).

Having families and neighbors flourishing together will make our city famous for God.


Contact us if you would like to serve those that are struggling with substance abuse.