Senior Care

Senior Care

Greater Winter Haven’s seniors make up about 27 percent of our population; almost half of those people are living alone or are isolated.

Winter Haven’s Invisible Asset

Seniors are disconnected from the community, preventing Winter Haven from living up to its full potential and limiting their knowledge of and access to resources.

The frail elderly are the fastest growing age group in the US People are living longer and are often financially unprepared to do so. Winter Haven needs services to the elderly with resources that help our greatest generation remain safe and independent in their own homes. Transportation, monthly commodity boxes, hot meals, and small home repair and modifications like wheelchair ramps are just a few of the programs needed to help preserve our elder’s dignity. More than anything, Greater Winter Haven seniors need loving neighbors who communicate care and make value them.

Loneliness and hopelessness are two enemies to successful aging that simply need a steady supply of good neighboring.

All of Winter Haven’s elderly residents are assets and critical in our future success; investments in dignified relationships is the foundation to any successful community-driven activity. Below are local organizations that are working alongside the elderly in our community.