Jobs for Life: Flip the List

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Imagine a musician who can no longer make music. By losing the ability to do something they were created to do, they lose a piece of themselves. They lose a sense of purpose.

We were created and designed by God to work. And our work is one of the core places that we receive our purpose and dignity. But what if you didn’t have access to good work? For millions of people in poverty this is reality.

Many men and women, for many different reasons, can’t find employment, are under-employed, or are shut out of jobs. And without employment, there is loss of purpose and dignity, which creates a viscous cycle of poverty — economically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Christians have always been engaged in the fight to break this cycle, but the majority of the Church’s effort and resources for those in need begins with food. Then housing. Then clothing. And then at the very bottom of the list is work. But without employment and the means to actually provide for themselves and their families the cycle continues…

Which begs the question – what if we flipped the list?

What would happen if churches and non-profits were empowered to actually help those in need find and keep employment, and provide for themselves?

The folks at Jobs for Life think this could change the game forever.

Jobs for Life equips local churches and other organizations to champion the cause of work for those who need it most. By teaching individuals a biblical understanding of their identity and work, and surrounding them with a community to support them, we can help people experience the hope and transformation they need to find and thrive at work.

Imagine churches and non-profits being centers where the cycle of joblessness is broken; where business owners receive employees who understand the value and purpose of work.

Imagine families restored where children grow up with hope and a future.

Imagine communities and entire cities renewed because purpose and dignity has been restored.

Jobs for Life in Winter Haven 

The first Jobs for Life class took place in spring 2016 and graduated 8 participants. Our second Jobs for Life class graduated 8 students in the fall of 2016 who provided a community for each other while being supported and encouraged by their faithful Champions (mentors), teachers, and the Jobs for Life team. Our third Jobs For Life Class graduated 8 people in June of 2017. As of August 2017, we have graduated 24 students and had a total of 33 Champions. We've also had another 35 volunteers that have helped us form business panels and provide meals for our courses. 

There are new classes starting in the Spring and Fall of each year  as well as South County Jail. If you are interested in getting involved as a student, complete an application by clicking here and forward to bee@heart4wh.org. If you are interested in volunteer as a Champion or other team roles, please complete a volunteer application by clicking here and forward to bee@heart4wh.org. For additional information, please call our office at (863) 291-6270.