Heart for Seniors: Alice is 85. Her roof leaks, causing interior damage and mold. She is unable to afford a new roof and has been taken advantage of by a contractor in the past. No family, no church. Long-time snow bird. Lower-Middle Income/Social Security.

H4WH + FX Ministry = “Dry Kitchen for the first time in 10 years” + connection to FX and Faith Baptist Heart for Education: John, 3rd Grader, low grades, poor behavior. Needs mentor. H4WH + mentoring program=Eat lunch weekly. + Needs Tutoring + PEP = Pass FCAT, Advance to 4th Grade

Heart for Hunger: Sally, single Mom at Redeemer Christmas Shoppe to buy low-cost gifts for her 3 children.

Recently started new job, new apt. = No $$. H4WH + House of Hope = Lunch time Fast Pass to get her over the hump = Full tummies!

Heart for Unemployed: Samantha, 28, recently released from out of state prison, Single mom of four, grandparents have custody of children. Nine months sobriety – no recovery support, no job, no hope. H4WH met Grandpa through Christmas Shoppe.

Samantha + H4WH = On-going mental health counseling + Celebrate Recovery group at Christ Community Church

Heart for Homeless: Local realtor calls Friday afternoon regarding young family of four who are homeless and need shelter for the night. She took them to the Mission, but “no one there” (closed Fri-Sun).

H4WH + Family Emergency Services = Referral to Lakeland.

Heart for Disorders: Dave, Disabled Vet, Mental Illness, Hx Substance Use Disorder. Refused Services at Sweet Center ( “Didn’t feel right”). Underemployed, relationship problems. Financial Problems. Housing instability.

H4WH + Life Plan = Increased self-sufficiency and quality of life + on-going support + increased social and spiritual support and coaching = new job + new housing + hope

Heart for Youth: Ron 19 yo PSC student aged out of foster care. Lives with sister and niece. Ran out of money due to financial mismanagement, immediate need: food. On Sunday afternoon, rode bike to area churches to ask for food/work, no success.

He did find H4WH + 3 hours of yard work and dialoguing + Brother2 Brother Mentoring at PSC + My Brother’s Keeper at PSC = Connection + Food/$

Heart for Filling the Gaps: The CEO’s of three ministries to elderly (VISTE, Elderpoint, Rather Senior Connextions) and the CEO of Lighthouse Ministries (Transitional Housing) stated that they desired to extend the work they have in Lakeland to the Winter Haven Area but had no connection in the community to make that happen. Heart for Winter Haven is the bridge to filling the gaps in our community by connecting these organizations to a community need.

Heart for Resources: Elderpoint Ministries, Women’s Resource Center and the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce all submitted grants with Heart for Winter Haven as a partnering organization to bring needed resources and funding to our community.