The mission for which Heart for Winter Haven, Inc. is formed is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all in word and deed. The Corporation will apply gospel neighboring to social issues to improve quality of life in the community.


Heart for Winter Haven envisions a connected community of churches, businesses and non-profits working together to renew vulnerable people and places one life at a time.

Developing The Vision:

Our “ theological vision”- that is, how what we believe about the gospel is uniquely expressed through our ministry structures and priorities- leads to the following action items:

First, that we are not content with being un-involved in problem-solving solutions to the physical brokenness of our city. (We’re not content to leave this up to the the state or federal programs, etc.) A movement of the gospel in Winter Haven would have massive spiritual AND social and economic implications for the city (cf. Luke 4:18-19).

Second, we believe that churches sincerely want to be involved in deed-ministry but don’t know how to and are dissatisfied with their experiences. There is no mechanism for communication between churches and deed-based ministries. A movement of the gospel in Winter Haven would include churches confidently working other ministries and non-profits to meet needs.

Third, we grieve that churches (across denominational and theological lines) are currently not working together strategically to address the problems in our city. There is no unified vision for deed-ministry among the churches of Winter Haven (or any kind of ministry to our city). A movement of the gospel in Winter Haven would include churches reconciled to one another, united by a common mission, and working together in deed-ministry.

Fourth, we grieve that ministries and non-profits do not currently work together strategically. There is little communication between ministries and a tremendous amount of overlap that creates competition and waste. A movement of the gospel in Winter Haven would include ministries and non-profits coordinating to maximize effectiveness in deed-ministry in the city.