This is where the rubber meets the road because volunteering is necessary to the purpose of Heart For Winter Haven. We want you to be able to search non-profit organizations within Winter Haven and find one that is interested in the same services that you are passionate about. If you are excited about the work an organization is doing, you will be more likely to give your attention and be involved with the services that a group provides. And if we are giving our time to serve others, we will find an unexpected return and abundance of fulfillment and joy in our lives. Serving is essential to spiritual growth and has been vital throughout the centuries. This isn’t just about being good and doing good but an important way that God has provided for us to grow.

If you are not sure where you would like to be involved, Heart For Winter Haven wants to help guide you in finding a cause that will give you fulfillment. Does it seem overwhelming finding a place to volunteer? We would like to take some intimidation away from finding a cause to be involved in. We want to walk alongside you while finding a path toward flourishing and change. You can contact us by phone, email, or visit us at your convenience at 228 Ave. C SW in Winter Haven. Once a cause has been selected, we would urge you to become excited about the work and to give at least 1-2 hours a month of your time. Even though that may seem like a small amount of time, if others are willing to give the same amount, we will be able to assist non-profits in a huge way.  Imagine Winter Haven being changed by community involvement. What if non-profits were overwhelmed by the amount of laborers that they were able to focus on other areas of service? What if real change and restoration came to the broken and impoverished areas of Winter Haven? Please join Heart For Winter Haven in the work of providing volunteers to non-profits amplifying the effectiveness of human services in the city of Winter Haven.

To find an organization in need of you as a volunteer that matches with your interests, use the link below.