There are over 400 registered non-profit organizations within the city of Winter Haven.  From that number, less than 50 are focused on human services. These organizations are serving those in need of physical, spiritual, and emotional needs but most of them are doing so on their own strength and with limited resources.  The result is that we have a numerous amount of groups that are under financed and overworked. What would it look like if organizations did not have to worry about finances or finding laborers? What would happen if churches and the business communities were closely connected and generous partners providing for the needs of the non-profits? If we were able to walk together hand-in-hand, imagine the magnified impact that we could have on our city. There is no doubt that some organizations are providing services and some do so very well. But imagine how much farther our reach could be if we worked together in unity. This is where Heart For Winter Haven comes in.

One of our goals is to connect churches and businesses to non-profits in order to partner with each other to provide further funding and volunteers. As a community, if we are able to provide these two elements, a lot of pressure will be relieved off of the shoulders of these non-profit organizations. The needed resources are plentiful and available. By churches and businesses providing said resources, we could highlight services that are under emphasized and begin to balance out some of the lopsidedness of services. In turn, those that are served by non-profits will ideally create two results: being connected to local churches and, if needed and available, be employed by the businesses involved. A lot of the spiritual poverty and personal crises could be prevented with the implementation of healthy relationships that are spiritually nourishing. Connecting individuals to local churches would alleviate this malnourishment. In addition, having businesses that are willing to hire and mentor those whom are impoverished could assist in vocational rehabilitation.

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